Meet the team

Rahab Ministries was founded in 1989, and directed by Patricia Green until 2004. The Ministry continues to grow under a strong leadership team of the Thai team. Rahab Ministries works in association with World Outreach International and Piemwaung Foundation with direct oversight from Jaisamarn Church.

Sasitorn Niwedrangsan

Sasitorn Niwedrangsan is one of the two directors of Rahab Ministries Thailand and is our onsite Pastor. She disciples and encourages Rahab women in their growing faith in God. She and her husband are in leadership at Jaisamarn Church in Bangkok.

Chanaprai Saelim

Chanaprai has been at Rahab for over ten years and is one of the two directors of Rahab Ministries Thailand. Prai is responsible for the majority of the beautiful designs from Rahab Bazaar. She manages Rahab Bazaar and the day to day running of Rahab Ministries.

Long term volunteers

Alex and Sarah have just returned to volunteer again at Rahab after having been home in New Zealand for 8 years.  Rahab has been under sole Thai leadership since they left in 2013, but there is s still a role for foreigners at Rahab.


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