Our Aims

  • To share the love of Jesus Christ through Friendship Evangelism and Social Concern.
  • To provide Practical Help and Emotional Support to women working in prostitution.
  • To provide opportunities for Education, Vocational Training, and Alternative Employment

Bar Visitation

Each week the outreach team visits different bars in Patpong, seeking to make contacts through friendship evangelism. We visit the bars every Thursday evening. The women are expected to dance semi naked. The music is loud, sometimes making it harder to hear, and we do not see the women as often. As we build relationships we tell the women about Rahab and what support and new opportunities we can offer them.

Once a month we invite around 10 bar women to Rahab to share food and fellowship. This allows us to build on existing relationships in a safe and friendlier environment.


Once a woman has shown her commitment to working at Rahab and remaining out of the bars, she will be given the opportunity to retrain to improve her employment choices. Rahab women have trained in a number of areas including hair dressing, sewing and pattern making and nail art. Others have chosen to return to school to complete their education. Many of these women left school at a very young age and some have not had the opportunity to even learn to read and write. 

Over the years, Rahab has been help over 800 women leave the bars. Most of them have set up their own businesses, some have gone back to their hometowns, and some live with their families in Bangkok. 

Counselling and Discipleship

One of our Directors provides pastoral care to all the women at Rahab. Three times a week, she runs a bible study, offers counselling, discipleship, and healing with the help of others on the team. Once a week, English classes are taught at Rahab. These classes are also open to any bar women wishing to attend.


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