Our Aims

  • To share the love of Jesus Christ through friendship evangelism and social concern.
  • To provide practical help and emotional support to women working in prostitution.
  • To provide opportunities for education, vocational training, and alternative employment

Bar Visitation

Each week the outreach team visits different bars in Patpong seeking to make contacts through friendship evangelism.   As we build relationships, we tell the women about Rahab and what support and new opportunities we can offer them.  We also seek to tell them and show God's love for them.

 Since Covid arrived in Thailand, the bars were closed for over 2 years.   The majority of the bar girls went home to their villages during this time.  Prai and Sasitorn were able to keep in touch by LINE application during this time.  

We have begun visiting the bars again in the early afternoon and are reconnecting with many of those women and building relationships with those new to Patpong.

Rahab Food Shop

The Rahab Khao Moo restaurant was opened in 2018.  Khao Moo is a popular Thai dish of pork that has been boiled in water for hours with special added seasonings resulting in tender, tasty pork.  It is served over rice with half a softly boiled egg and pickled vegetables.

Siriwan, who has been part of Rahab for many years now runs the Khao Moo shop each day with support from Sasitorn. 

Rahab Laundry

The Rahab Laundry was opened in 2015 and has 5 washing machines and 1 large dryer.  Currently it employs 2 women, but now Covid restrictions have been lifted it is busy and there is room for more women once they choose to leave the bars.

Many of the customers are business people whose expensive clothing needs to be skillfully laundered.  Any new staff employed need careful training in how to care for these quality clothes.

All the women who work in Rahab businesses have come from the bars and been transformed by coming to know Jesus.  They are all committed Christians.

Counselling and Discipleship

Sasitorn provides pastoral care to all the women at Rahab. In the past she ran a bible study three times a week offering counselling, discipleship, and healing with the help of others on the team. Due to the pandemic, many of the 60 women who were regularly attending bible study at Rahab have now returned to their villages and only some have returned to Patpong. 

During the Covid restrictions, Prai and Sasitorn sent out daily devotions and continue to do so now.  Rahab now partners with Newsong Church and meets monthly with Patpong women for worship, prayer, fellowship and biblical input.  With more people joining these outreaches, we are able to form small groups ministering to each women where she is on her faith journey.  


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