Why buy Jewelry from Rahab Bazaar?

Because every purchase from Rahab Bazaar is a purchase with meaning.
Each Rahab Bazaar product you purchase, helps provide women choosing to leave prostitution with a future and a hope. In the first few months after leaving the bars, women work for Rahab Bazaar providing them with both an immediate income and time to pursue educational training for a long term trade.

All our jewelry is priced in baht because of currency fluctuations.
To get a current exchange rate go to www.xe.com

To request further information about Rahab Bazaar contact us at rahabbazaar@gmail.com

Buy Rahab Bazaar Jewelry on-line

You can now buy Rahab Bazaar jewelry from the comfort of your own home. We will send to many countries and provide a tracking number for your order. The order can be tracked in most countries.

In addition, Rahab Bazaar now has beautiful handmade toys for sale, suitable for children over 5 years of age.

To go shopping, click on the Rahab Bazaar button here.

Rahab Bazaar hand made toys

We also have handmade crochet toys for sale.  We have put a few samples up for you to see, but you can request your own colors.  We can also make larger sizes if you like.  Please email us on rahabbazaar@gmail.com for more details.


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