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Internationally, prostitution and trafficking of Asian women and children is increasing. Human trafficking is the third largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world and one of the most urgent human rights issues today.

Over 1500 women work each night in the sex tourism area of Patpong. Rahab Ministries is situated in the middle of this red-light area and for over 33 years we have been showing God's love to these precious women.

Based in the heart of Patpong

In the tourist bars of Patpong, women are employed on a monthly retainer with 2 nights off per month. Each customer who chooses a girl will pay the bar to release her for the night. It is up to her to then negotiate with the customer what she will be paid. She will also be paid a percentage of each drink that is bought for her. The Rahab Outreach team buys Cola for the woman when we visit enabling us to enter the bars.

Rahab Ministries helps women

The majority of these women are from Isaan, the northeast of Thailand. They come to Bangkok looking for work to provide for their families back in their villages, and for most a lack of education limits their work opportunities.

Rahab Ministries takes these girls from the life of prostitution and employs them in either jewelry or toy making, while also looking for retraining opportunities. Retraining them in a safe Christian environment where they can learn about Jesus, allows a change to happen inside out.

And after they have recovered and reached a level of confidence to try to support themselves, we encourage them to find a trade that suits them, and to pursue it with Rahab Ministries initial support. As they do well in their trade, the Ministry begins to step back while continuing to keep them in prayer.

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