What's new in 2022?

Joining with Newsong Church 

July Outreach

Praise God for a great Outreach on Saturday 30th July when 28 people joined us from Patpong.  

We met at Newsong Church for some time of worship as they practised for their evening service. 

 Everyone then went up to Rahab for fellowship and and a testimony from Yu. Six came to Rahab 

for the first time. We pray they felt welcome and will join us again next month.

We all went downstairs to share the love on Patpong giving out food parcels.

We're ready for visitors!!

While Rahab was largely shut down due to Covid restrictions, a lot of damage was done to the building.   Our meeting room stunk as there was a whole wall of black mould as well as serious termite damage.   

Our toilet area also had termite damage and on one side the ceiling was falling in.  Pon got drenched in "water" on one occasion and when Alex repaired the piles in the ceiling there was toilet paper in them!

Alex has all these areas and and they now look fresh and clean and we are again proud to have visitors to Rahab.  Please come visit us.

First Outreach of 2022

on the 25th June Rahab joined with Newsong Church who meet on the third floor of our building for outreach into the Patpong community.  Rahab has the contacts as many regularly came to Rahab for bible study prior to Covid. We met at Newsong for coffee and cake while the worship team practiced for their evening service. Sixteen people came who had been invited and more joined later downstairs. Some of them are new to us at Rahab. 

Afterwards everyone went downstairs to give out food to people on Patpong street. The women had so much fun sharing with whoever walked, rode or drove down the street. They took food to their friends in the bars who were unable to join us. This outreach with Newsong was fairly low key as we
build on existing relationships and develop new ones. We plan on joining with Newsong once a month and continuing our own bible study parties with food, fellowship and prayer.

Rahab Mural

In 2019, Yim  painted a mural for Rahab.  

It took her a month to complete the mural at Rahab.  The first half of the mural reminds me of Isaan where most of the bar girls come from, with a rural scene including a Thai style thatched house and sunny skies.  Yim painted it as a refreshing oasis in the heat and business of Bangkok.  The second scene was painted coming into the Christmas season  and she was reminded of a white Christmas card.

Yim paints portraits, animals and landscapes in watercolour and her paintings have been exhibited and sold.  She also teaches art to children privately in their homes.

Yim attends Jaisamarn Church and has been a strong supporter of Rahab.  She often plays guitar for worship during bible study and at Rahab parties.

Update March 2022

Alex and Sarah (van Meygaarden) are excited to return to volunteer with Rahab Ministries after having been home in New Zealand for the last 8 years.  

Patpong looks very different currently, there is no night market, but first thing in the morning as we come into work, there are a lot of food markets to choose breakfast from.

The bars have largely been closed for the last 2 years, but Prai and Sasitorn have stayed in touch with many of the women who come to Rahab bible study.  Other women continue to work in the Rahab food shop.  Most of the customers of the Rahab laundry are business people so while working from home, they do not need their clothes laundered.  As Thailand starts to open up again with less restrictions, we hope the laundry will get busy again.

A meeting that was meant to be.

Many of the Patpong bar girls really struggled during the time Bangkok was in lockdown.   About a week before lockdown, Prai met Pong who used to work at Rahab and they exchanged phone numbers.  She had not seen Pong since had left Rahab and returned to working in Patpong.  During lockdown, Prai phoned her to see if she was OK and expected her to be back in her village as many of them left Patpong during lockdown.  Pong was sleeping in a bar as she did not have enough money to get home or to pay rent.  Rahab, along with New Song Church who now have a team working out of Patpong,  were able to help her out.  Pong was overwhelmed that they would help her, and still loved her despite her being a “naughty” girl and going back to the bars.

Once lockdown was over, Rahab was able to reopen and had a party and bible study for the bar girls they know.  They were not expecting a lot of women as they thought many would still be in their village, but 39 women came.  Nine of them had never been to Rahab before.  Pong was not there because she has now returned to her village to care for her mother and does not plan on returning to the bars.  Rahab continues to build on relationships with women in Patpong bringing them God’s love through His Word and love in action. 

Jer 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Rahab Bible Study

We introduced a special Bible study in February 2017 for women working in the bars. Our initial plan was to do it in a smaller setting (5-7 women) so that we are able to focus on each of the women and help them with their journey with Jesus. But since starting, they have been bringing all their friends along, and now we get 25-30 women every Bible Study. However, It has been very effective and helpful. God had better plans! Through this Bible study we have had 4 women who decided to leave the bars for good. We are so grateful and we praise God for that!

Rahab Catering

In 2016, Rahab catering service called Rahab Bakery was started. The vision was to make Rahab more financially sustainable. Please pray that this business helps us to be more sustainable.

Outreach to Chai Nat

Our team of Thai staff and ex bar women with the support of Jaisamarn Church visits Chai Nat once a year. It is located in the North, 200 km. from Bangkok. Every time we visit this community, we are beyond blessed. It is a Buddhist community but these schools have always welcomed us with such warmth hospitality. We are blessed each time because we to get share about the Bible and Jesus to the students and teachers who for some has never heard of it before. 

We hope to continue sharing the word of God to unreached places alongside our women and we hope they get to see God's beauty in every creation.

Bar women party at Rahab Ministries

Building relationships with bar women

These days whenever we organize gatherings at Rahab, we get around 45 women from the bars. We are beginning to see an increase in the number of women. So, we are extremely excited and we look forward to see what God has instore for these beautiful women. We have a party coming up next week sponsored by a generous team from Australia. The team will also be hosting the party, where songs, and testimonies will be shared along with fun games, arts and craft and yummy food. We are all excited. Continue to keep us all in your prayers so that this party will be a blessed and a fruitful one.

You can also partner with us through various ways. For more details, email us at rahabministriesthailand.com.

You can visit our Facebook page 'Rahab Ministries Thailand' for more updates on Rahab gatherings and outreach news. 

City Bible Church Hamilton

City Bible Church in Hamilton, NZ have been faithful supporters of Rahab for some time. Recently they dedicated one whole wall of Café Agora to promote Rahab.

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Congratulations to Patricia Green on her book 'Rose in the red light'. Roses in the Red Light is the story of Patricia Green and her work with women in prostitution.
As you read this book you will be intrigued, you be shocked, you will laugh, you will cry and you will be angry at the injustice and exploitation of vulnerable young women. You will be inspired and encouraged by the stories of many of the women who have been given hope and whose lives have been changed.


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