A new year

Beginning a new year, we look ahead with hopes and dreams for 2023. 

Our dream is for revival in Patpong.  We started off 2023 with two outreaches in January; our monthly one partnering with Newsong Church and an evening provided  by a visiting Indian team.  Our next outreach will be 4th February with a focus on God’s love as Valentine ’s Day is a big thing in the bars.

During the first outreach it was so encouraging to see the vision for small groups is already bearing some fruit.  Prior to the support of others from Newsong and other churches, our Rahab team could only bring one message to all the women meaning it could not meet individual faith journeys. It was too simple for some of the more mature Christians, while too complex for others.   Our team is encouraged to see that the women are now starting to ask questions in their small groups at their level of understanding and some are keen to reach others in their bars.

It was Pastor Lam and his wife’s 4th visit to Rahab from India.  Each time they have put on a party with food, fellowships, games, worship, prayer and a message of salvation.  Their heart for the lost is very evident.  Pastor Lam’s message was well received as he spoke on ‘Where is God in the difficult times’ and related it back to the impact Covid has had on our women’s lives.  Every time we see the women whether at Rahab or on the street, they voice their worry at the lack of customers. Some are hanging in there hoping things will improve.  There are powerful testimonies from women in the past who have left the bars and survived on mush less money, but know God provides all their needs.  We continue to pray for transformation in the lives of these precious women.


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