Life is a Journey

Parts of the Journey

I enjoy journaling as it helps me process some of the things I see and do.  Recently I have been typing up nearly 7 years worth of journals from my time at Rahab and the few months preparing to come here.  It has been an interesting process as I have renewed my acquaintance with many women who have come and gone through Rahab during that time. 
There was Nit who I met in 2006 when Alex and I visited for 10 days to confirm God was calling us to Rahab.  I met Nit when I went to a bar in Nana with Margaret.  Nit caught my eye right away as all the other women in the bar at that time, came right up to Margaret and hugged her and were very open.  Nit on the other hand was very much on the outer and I could not even make eye contact with her.  As we prepared to leave the girls all hugged us except Nit, and God very clearly told me to give her a hug.  I was scared of being rejected and of feeling silly, but I obeyed and I hugged Nit.  She didn’t push me away and I did get a small smile from her, but it was certainly more about me being willing, than anything I gave her.  When I returned with Margaret over 9 months later, of course she did not remember me.  Nit, though was a big part of my confirmation of coming to Rahab.
Then perhaps a year later, there was Pusaa.  I met Pusaa with Koy when we visited a beer   garden in Nana.  Pussa was sitting alone and looked so unhappy and out of place.  She was somehow closed off from everyone around her.  Again God challenged me to go and talk to this lady.  I didn’t speak Thai, how could I talk to her, but again I obeyed and a special relationship started.  Pusaa spoke good English and every week after that as we visited this bar, she would be waiting for us.  One week we went and she wasn’t there, but as we walked down the street back to the Sky Train, she arrived late – her whole face lit up as she saw us.  Pusaa became a Christian and always had lots of questions for us and always wanted us to pray for her.  I went home to NZ for a month and I never saw her again.  I choose to believe she was able to leave the bars and continues to grow in her Christian faith. 
Reading back over my diaries has made me realize we are all on a journey together.   Sometimes, like with Nit the woman is an important part of my journey; other times like with Pusaa, I became part of her journey, but ultimately God is the author and perfecter of our individual journeys.


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