International Women\'s Day

                Today is International Women’s Day so I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the beauty and uniqueness that women bring to the world. No matter how old a woman is, where she is from, what color her skin is or what type of life she has lived she is beautiful; the crowning jewel of God’s creation. Women all over the world are so special and enhance the beauty of the earth just with their presence. Women have a unique strength and fierceness that people in our world often try to stifle or snuff out completely. For so long women’s beauty and gentle spirit has been preyed upon. Instead of being cherished and appreciated for who they are they have been abused, exploited and used. The entire world needs to get back to valuing and loving women for who they are. Seeing each woman as the individual, beautiful creation she is. God created women with a gentle and nurturing spirit but He also added a lot of passion, strength and devotion within each woman. Every woman’s strengths are different and each one has something different to offer the world. Let us all take more time to invest in the women in our lives, hear their stories, love and appreciate them for who they are and celebrate the uniqueness God has given each woman. Let us not just let this one day be the only day we truly appreciate and celebrate women, let us strive to make it a part of our lives, all day everyday! 
Valentines that were sent to the girls at Rahab by students in the States.


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