Most people around the world are very aware of the notorious red light districts and sexual fantasies that Thailand has to offer. Most people though do not know how these areas came to be. The red light district where Rahab works is called Patpong which consists of two streets where roughly 4,000 girls work each night. This particular area came to exist during the Vietnam War. Patpong is named after the family who purchased land in the area in 1946. Though it feels very central, half a century ago the land was on the outskirts of the city. The Patpongpanit family purchased the undeveloped land, filled in one of the canals that ran through it (the sad fate of many of Bangkok’s canals), and built a road and several shops. It became a popular spot during the Vietnam War for US soldiers on R & R, and is considered to be the birth place of Thailand’s Go-Go culture. The scene peaked during the 1970s and 1980s. Today, it is geared more toward entertainment than sex per se, with nightclubs, shopping, and live music, but all are centered around sex-related activities (http://www.thailandlogue.com/patpong-bangkoks-red-light-district.html). Even though there were brothels in place before the Vietnam War happened, places like Patpong exploded with sexual entertainment due to all the foreigners seeking female companionship and they were willing to pay good money for it too. There have been other red light districts that have sprung around Bangkok as well, such as Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy but Patpong is one of the original areas that people went to for pleasures of the flesh. I also believe this sheds light on how if there is a demand for something people will find a way to get the supply for it. North American adn European soldiers wanted to fulfill their sexual urges anyway they could therefore the people in Thailand created a way for them to pay money to fulfill their lustful desires. Even though the Vietnam War is long over with the problem of foreigners coming to Thailand for sexual intimacy is still extremely and unfortunately present.


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