Refreshed and Renewed for a New Year.

                Last Wednesday was our first day back here at Rahab. A new year is already underway. All of us here are very excited to see what God has in store for Rahab Ministries, Patpong and the nation of Thailand. This time of year many people reflect on the past year as well as plan or look ahead for what is to come. I know for me these past few months at Rahab have flown by and I have loved every minute of getting to be a part of this ministry. As with any ministry though you have ups and downs, high points and low points. Working in an area like Patpong can be very draining and at times a person can become discouraged if no progress or difference is being made. Last week at our church our Pastor talked about realizing that God has already won, in the end Patpong belongs to the Lord. This does not mean we are not a part of the work He is doing but so often we live as if God has not already overcome and taken back areas like Patpong. We are God’s hands and feet to the world but the Victory is already His. We need to live out that message and that reality. We can get so caught up in statistics and numbers. Whether that may be how many people we have converted or how many girls we have gotten out of the bars. It is not all about numbers. It is about people, God’s crowning glory of creation. God’s name is already written on Patpong and has been since the beginning of time. Unfortunately this place has perverted God’s will and desire for His creation, His people. Even though right now Patpong is a notorious red light district God will reclaim it for His glory and purpose. As we start out 2013 let us live in the knowledge of God having already restored and brought back to Him the most broken areas we see.. Let us acknowledge God’s power and sovereignty and worship Him for it. He has already overcome all the injustice and brokenness we see in the world. Let us continue to be a part of the God’s work in loving and seeking justice in areas like Patpong. 


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