Today is the day of the Christmas party we are throwing here at Rahab for the girls who work in the bars so last night we went around to the bars in Patpong passing out roses and other gifts to invite the girls to the party. It was such a blessing and honor to get to give these girls something that put a smile on their face. It seems so small a gesture just to be giving someone a single red rose but you could see how much it meant to these girls to be given a gift for no reason at all. As we were going bar to bar delivering our gifts I though t to my self why people like getting roses. To some they are the most beautiful flower, they represent love and kindness; they are a stunning part of God’s creation. But you know what it is even more beautiful and stunning than a rose, the most beautiful part of God’s creation? Females, women, girls of all ages. They are the crowning jewel of creation. No tree, river, or flower can compare to the beauty that God bestowed upon women. Even though the roses we passed out last night were lovely the women receiving them were far more captivating and lovely and I hope and pray that they know that. I pray that they would know that their heavenly Father loves and values them far more than they loved the roses we gave them. Last night it was not us giving out those roses to the girls of Patpong, it was their Father showing them how much he loves and desires them and wants to pursue them; we were just the messengers. As Christmas is just a few days away please keep the girls of Patpong and other areas like it in your thoughts and prayers as they do not get a break for the holidays like most of us do. Also this Christmas season please remember to value the people in your life far more than you value your stuff. God values His people more than anything else in the world and so often we forget that. God sent a person to be the ultimate gift this time of year; not a car or a new laptop. May we always remember the true reason for this holiday and not get caught up in all the things the world tells is this time of year is about. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God Bless from the Rahab Family. 


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