The Patrons

Now that I have been in Thailand a few months and have been visiting the bars in Patpong there are certain behaviors that I have to noticed or in some cases, even see a trend in. I have noticed that the men who visit areas like Patpong behave in a few different ways. Some of the men are very awkward and do not really know what to do. These men have probably never been with a prostitute before and may not want to go through with buying a girl but wanted to see what a Red Light District was like. Other men seem more at ease, revealing that they have probably been to establishments like the ones in Patpong before or that they have no shame or problem in purchasing sex. The last and most difficult to watch are the men who actually flaunt the fact they purchase sex. A few weeks ago I saw a man who came into the bar we were at that night and was dancing around and showing off, acting kind of like he owned the place. His Thai was very good so I assumed he probably lives in Thailand. He was not only at ease in this atmosphere but was proud of being there. He had no shame, guilt or reservations about being in or frequenting a bar that sells girls. To me behavior like that boils down to one thing. Power. These men want power to show off that they can have want they want, anyway they want. They have power over these girls because of their money or status, which makes them think that they can do whatever they want and they want people to know that. Some of the men who visit places like Patpong can still see the humanity of these girls and do not seem totally comfortable with actually purchasing one of them. The men who crave power have no problem viewing these women as objects, or as their property. They treat these bars like movie rental stores where you can go out and pick something that you like and watch it as many times as you like. Over time though that movie will become scratched and not as good. It is the same with these girls over time they become broken down and damaged because of the abuse of power by men who view them as a commodity. I pray that these men will cease to crave power and have a desire to get their “fix” from places like Patpong. I also pray for the men who are not as flamboyant about their ability to purchase sex but who still have a desire for it. All of these on some level are broken and in need, they are just looking for what they need in all the wrong places. I hope and pray that not matter what kind of man walks into bars, brothels, massage parlors and other places that sell girls that they would see them for who they really are; daughters, mothers, sisters and friends and not something to be bought and sold. 


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