A New Season

                         As October comes to a close new things are starting up at Rahab. The girls here have already started preparing for the Christmas party we will be having at the end of December for the girls who work in the bars in Patpong. Since we are putting that on we will not be doing a 2 am outreach in November or December. Prayers would be appreciated as we prepare for the Christmas season and that Rahab will continue to be a light in this dark area. Another venture that is picking is up is hosting jewelry parties at people’s homes. We had the first one a couple weeks ago and got the opportunity to share about what Rahab does as well as sell some of the beautiful creations the women here at Rahab make. We also helped out with a little girl’s birthday party where we showed the girls how to make bracelets. They all seemed to really enjoy it. We are continuing to do outreach to the bars twice a week, one on Mondays and one on Thursdays. It never gets any easier to see the girls scantily clad dancing provocatively for these men who come to fulfill their lustful desires and purchase one of these girls. When Koy and Sarah went to one the bars last Thursday night Sarah said how so many of the girls looked so young and you could see that they had little to no life or spirit in them. They would hardly make eye contact with anyone; this lifestyle was clearly taking its toll on these young girls. Girls so young should be vivacious and full of life, looking forward to all the things in store for them as they have their whole life ahead. Girls who are working in these bars who are my age (22) and younger have seen and done so much that they have had to grow up and in a lot of ways given up or had their innocence and youth taken from them. As tomorrow night is Halloween there will be even more darkness than normal in this area as some of the bars are throwing evil and sexual Halloween parties to entice more Western costumers. Prayers would be appreciated as this holiday is celebrated in the Red Light District of Patpong.


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