What\'s Happening at Rahab

Exciting things are happening here at Rahab. We have a new girl who has come to work at Rahab and is also living at the house. She is very sweet and seems to be adjusting to life at Rahab very well. Prayers for her continuing to feel a part of the Rahab family would be appreciated. We have also been able to start doing outreaches to the bars two nights a week, on Monday and Thursday. Maniwan and I go out on Monday and Sarah and Koy go out on Thursday. It is always heartbreaking to see the girls working in the bars and being objectified like that but it is such a blessing to get to sit down and talk to them, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I have been taking Thai classes for the past couple of weeks so it is getting easier to communicate with the girls and find out more about them. It is good to be going to more bars and getting to build relationships with more girls here in Pat pong and share the love of Christ with them as well as tell them about Rahab and the work we do here so they know it is a place they can come to for help or a place to go if they want to leave working in the bars all together. Today we had a team from Ontario, Canada come and spend part of the afternoon with us. They were really encouraging and their time with us was very special. One of their team members shared his testimony and one of the girls from rahab shared hers as well. It was great time of prayer, worship and community as the body of Christ. I look forward to having more teams come and share in the work that Rahab does and to be encouraged by them as well as encourage those who come through our doors. 


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