Last Thursday night/Friday morning we had our 2am outreach at Rahab for the girls in the bars. The weather was particularly bad that night so the girls just wanted to go home after they were finished working. There was one person though that happened to stumble upon Rahab completely by accident. The woman came in and was very upset and crying really hard. She talked to some of the people at Rahab and shared how she had been looking for a friend in the building and saw that Rahab was open and decided to come inside. She went on to tell how depressed she was due to a damaged relationship with her daughter and other terrible things that had happened in her past and she felt like no one loved her. She defiantly came to the right place. Because she was the only one there we got to spend quality time getting to know her and showing her love and kindness. The night definitely did not go like we had planned but that woman needed someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry on so it was so great that Rahab just so happened to still be open at 1:30 in the morning so she had somewhere to go and feel loved and experience the love and joy of Christ. We will continue to go to the bars on Monday nights and build relationships and pray for the girls working in Pat Pong. Hopefully the weather will be better the next time we have a 2am outreach and more girls from the bars will come. Please continue to pray for the people working in Pat Pong as well as for the people who come and solicit this area. God Bless.


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