Bar Night

Last night 4 of us from Rahab went to one of the local bars in Pat Pong to talk to some of the girls who work there. Upon entering the bar you cannot hear much over the blaring, pulsating music and there is not much lighting a part from the neon flashing lights that line the bar. This particular bar was adorned with grotesque erotic images that did not leave much to the imagination as to what types of services this bar had to offer. During the day Pat Pong is a somewhat desolate street but at night it becomes a feeding ground for those seeking pleasures of the flesh. While we were at the bar several girls came and sat with us. The first girl that talked to us we got the chance to pray for and at one point she started crying. She seemed touched by what one of the girls was saying and hopefully she will come to our outreach on Thursday night/Friday morning. The other girls we got to speak with all told us that they were between 17 and years old but it was hard to believe because most of the girls in this bar barely looked over the age of 15, some even looked as young as 13. During our short time in this bar we also got to speak to a woman who was one of the bar tenders or people in charge. She was very friendly to us and it was good to get to know her a bit as well. Being in a place like that and seeing the men come through there is nothing less than heart breaking. It heart breaking for the girls who are objectified by those who watch them dance, it is heart breaking to see the people who are in charge that see this as a viable business option and feel that they are keeping the girls safe and it is heart breaking to see men from all over the world try to fill a void in their life by using another human beings to fulfill their lustful desires. I hope that we can continue to build relationships with the people here in Pat Pong and that God would continue to use Rahab as a beacon of light in this dark place.


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