First Impressions

                  When walking down Pat Pong Soi 1 it does not look that different from other streets in Thailand aside from the overtly sexual names of the bars that line the street. This is my first time to Thailand and it is very different from the place I come from. I am a 22 year old college student from North America who is volunteering with Rahab ministries for the next 8 months and where I live we do not have walking streets or Red Light Districts. The world of sexual exploitation where I am from is much more hidden or pushed aside. Here in Thailand places that sell sex are not shy in advertising what they sell. Among all the bars and massage parlors that line Pat Pong is Rahab. There are many colorful names and provocative pictures that adorn this street so Rahab defiantly stands out in that it offers something other than sex. On my first day working at Rahab I was greeted by several friendly faces of beautiful Thai women. We started the morning with prayer and worship and even though I could not understand most of what was being said it was so great to see and hear people coming together to worship the Lord.  Most of the women who work at Rahab have come out of the bars and now have jobs making jewelry and toys for Rahab ministries. The items these women make are so beautiful and so much time, effort and love goes into each piece made here at Rahab. I have only been here a week but I am really looking forward to the next several months that I am here working with these amazing people.

With conviction
Mandee Mramor


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