God sees

I see you number 9

I see you number nine

The small red disc attached to your bikini top

The white number 9

Reduces you to just a number

Or does it allow you to keep who you really are


Those men do not know you at all


I see you number 9

Up there for all to see

The oh so skimpy bikini

In a culture where modesty is still valued

Anchored to the bar by a silver pole

500 Baht will release you for the night

And give permission for almost anything


I see you number 9

The emptiness in your eyes

As you dance in shame and guilt

Missing your babies so far away

Remembering black eyes

As the alcohol spoke for your husband

Hungry and naked as the money was all gambled away

Loneliness and release as he takes a new wife


I see you number 9

Each month sending money home to Mama

As she cares for your babies

Building a better house

Draining your money and your life

To pay off the loan against her land


I see you number 9

As the light comes into your eyes

The light of hope

When you hear of a man called Jesus

Who paid with his life

To release you,

Not just for one night,

But forever from spiritual slavery

A man called Jesus who loves you


I see you Beloved

No longer just a number

No longer a woman to be scorned

But daughter of the King of Kings

I see you Beloved

 by Sarah van Meygaarden


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