Wanting a different life

Daring to Dream

Three women on Patpong are daring to dream of a different life. 

 Many on Patpong stay there because of the money they can earn and the hope of meeting a foreign man who will marry them or provide regularly for them; their very own knight in shining armour. Others have worked there so long; they know no other life and no other community.  Patpong is familiar and secure, and it is difficult and scary to consider any other lifestyle.

Two sisters and another woman from their bar are different.  They have a dream of opening their own small business and have put much thought into where they should set it up.   They have considered what is a practical, simple food and drink product that would be easy to produce and will be popular.  They know who their customers will be and how they can work together to complement each other’s product to target them.  These three women want to be independent and have the courage and determination to be so.   

Rahab outreach team are privileged to have heard their dreams and pray with them.  Although they have not accepted Christ yet, we continue to share the gospel and pray for their salvation.  We look forward to seeing their dream come to fruition.

These three are daring to dream of a better future, not necessarily as financially attractive, but one that is good for their self-esteem and physical health. 


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